Hidden users are also shown, come out whereever you are!



I did not know this until I looked at the above page.

Don’t fear the war, it has not yet come to this planet

Are we going to be asked for public confessions soon? :mrgreen:

Surely you’re not one of these hidden users because it’s certain you cannot be a guest.

And you almost used Australian spelling (must be aussies & americans are such great friends).

I cannot also work out that this seems like the New Republic, eg cubase.net was the old republic and there was something before that but I was not around?

My dog bit me on the leg today
My cat clawed my eye
Mom’s been thrown out of the social circles
And dad has to hide

Don’t know what it is that makes people want to be incognito

I was once scared of the darkness but since finding so many knowledgeable peepz in dis here fora, I find a great happiness with the program they all purport to use.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at that users page and see Steve, Connie and Ulf all logged in at once or must we all wait for a thread ambush :arrow_right:

I will write a guide later about how to configure Opera browser with lastpass to automatically select hidden, which can be overridden on a login basis.

Ulf probably knows how it works or even VocalPoint but over the years regular posters have posted less and less.

My understanding is there is less to whine about now that big money ie Yamaha have basically bankrolled steinberg and allowed development to ensure maximum QC but really what I want our euro friends to consider is a combined lounge so everyone can carry on all at once and share tips etc rather than this major fragmentation (kind of reminds me of euroarea) that exists now.

I never hide. Gives newbies hope, albeit false. :mrgreen:


So why are you incognito yourself? Why don’t you post your full name, address and social security number in your signature? :smiling_imp:

I’ve got a website if that helps but due to Steinberg policy of ban without notice, it would thus be frozen in my signature unless signatures are deleted upon guesting.

In any case if you put your name in mysteinberg at any time, even on a previous account, SB will always know who you are, which is why I get mail from an account I cannot retrieve a password from even to this day.

Looks like a good forum, but so was cubendo until they enforced the very rules Steiny was always accused of having.

artisan, you can place the link/url to your website next to the ‘pm’ sign…c’mon, I dare you :smiling_imp: .

You talk a lot, but say practically nothing.