Hide a non-empty stave

Maybe other people do this: In Sibelius I like to force the horizontal spacing of the page by creating a hidden instrument which consists of a constant rhythmic pulse i.e. all crotchets, quavers, semis etc.
This way you can get a better spatial representation of time on the page, which most of the time I find useful. It also evens out the spacing of each bar, assuming you don’t have much in the music itself that’s in a much smaller/faster rhythmic value than the underlying layout pulse.
I’m just starting on Dorico, and can’t find a way to hide a stave if it has music in it, even rests.
Any thoughts on how this might be doable in Dorico?

This doesn’t need such a workaround in Dorico. Layout Options > Note Spacing is your friend; start by setting a Custom spacing ratio of 2.00. If you need further control in specific passages, switch to Engrave mode and go Engrave > Note Spacing Change. Then set as you wish.

You can create a layout that does not include the staff, but I sense that would make your reason for including it moot.

Thanks Leo - this works ok when the variety of rhythms is not so great per page, however in less common cases where there is a greater range, it doesn’t quite have the same behaviour.

You can see the difference in the two screenshots. I’d like to be able to force a certain spacing for an entire page depending on a common underlying division, as with the example with all the demisemis. I’m not sure whether this is possible with Note Spacing options just from quickly playing with it. Any other thoughts v welcome.

If you’ve got heaps of demisemiquavers you’ll need to play around with those settings a little. I find that with these settings I get the result you want: