Hide a octave (actually a 15ma) line


I’m trying to have artificial harmonics being played back at the correct pitch, just for reference. For that, I’ve added a 15ma line and I’m trying to hide it, but I don’t find where to do it. Changing the color (to make it transparent) has no effect on that line. Is it possible?
Is it possible to hide items in general?


Search the forum for “+hide +octave +line.”

Thank you for your reply. I’ve already seen that topic, maybe I’m missing something or maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I would like to hide not just the line, but all the object altogether. That’s why I decided to start another topic.
What’s troubling me is that the “color” parameter seems to have no effect, no matter which color I set.

That’s correct. You can scale it to 1%, which works well enough for most situations. If the tiny artifact is noticeable, you can set the Y offset so that the ottava sits on the staff line.

Good point. Thanks!