Hide a part of staff. Rhythmical pattern for an educational worksheet

Dear Dorico Friends, I created this worksheet taking a screenshot on my mac and hiding parts of a percussion staff with a white color in a preview app. Is there a way to achieve it in Dorico natively? Would appreciate very much your help.

No, there’s no good way to do this at present. You could do it in Dorico by superimposing a graphics frame with an opaque white graphic in it, but that’s the best you can do.

Thank you Daniel, I tried to work with graphics as well, but each graphic has his own size and is very time consuming to work this way, as there are more than 40 flows/songs in this project. So printing as pdf and tweaking each flow in preview is still a much quicker way to do that. I hope Dorico will support this functionality natively in a nearest future, as I see there are more users requesting the same feature since at least two years. It would be useful not for musicians working in an educational are only. I got such “how to” questions from my students - contemporary music composers as well, as I recommender them Dorico as a world leading notation software…

Check my post at the end of this thread.
Might help you.


I remember having seen this some time ago, it’s very clever!

Thanks, could you use it?


I think you could just open my file and click the star to default my Lines. In the Lines editor that is.

I didn’t need to, but it’s a good way to make those kind of cheats without resorting to a graphics frame, which makes it easier to then work with parts.

That’s a good option, I’ll do it.

Good. Hope it works.