Hide all automation closes all folder tracks.

I have used the search function, but couldn’t find anything about this.
It’s no show stopper, but it is a bit annoying from time to time.
I have several tracks grouped together in several folder tracks.
With some foldertracks unfolded (is that correct English?), if I right click in any track and choose ‘hide all automation’, all folder tracks close.
As far as I remember, this behaviour was different in C5.


cannot reproduce this. Used system Win 7 64-bit Cubase 6 64-bit.

Somebody else ?




works fine so far.

Might be because I’m on XP then?
I hope not…

did some testing.
It only seems to happen with projects that were created in C5.

Try this:

  1. make a new project in C5.5.2
  2. Add a number of audio tracks, group tracks, FX tracks and add some of the audio tracks to a folder track.
  3. Add some automation to some of these tracks and make the automation lanes visible.
  4. Save the project and open it in C6.
  5. With the automation lanes visible and all folder tracks (i.e. group tracks, FX channels and folder tracks) unfolded, right click on any audio track which includes automation and select ‘hide all automation’.
  6. All automation gets hidden, but also (in this case with me) both the FX folder as the group track folder close (strangely enough, this time the previously created folder track which contains some of the audio tracks did not close).


Yes I just updated to Cubase 8.0.35 from 8.0.30 and now my “Hide All Automation” is closing my folder tracks as well. Not sure what happened, I use this command often. I’m on OS X.11 Yosemite.