Hide All Automation Closes Folders

-Create 2 or more folder tracks
-Have a track(s) with automation.
-Have Tracks in folders (Step is just to demo bug)
-Show all Automation
-Make sure folders tracks are open
-Right Click and select “Hide ALL Automation”
=All the folder tracks will close.

This issue has been present since around 8.o and has not been addressed.
Upon searching you will find closed topics and deleted threads… that is inexcusable.

Any help is appreciated.

I used to have this issue(still do,sorta) in Cubase 8.5 but now that I’m in 9.0.10, the only folder that closes on me is the “Group Tracks” folder, which is odd. Anyways, I created a macro for this and you should be able to avoid this problem completely.

Filter Target
Container Type - Equal - Folder Tracks

Action Target
Track Operation - Folder - Open

Function: Transform

Hide All Automation> Your PLE(Project Logical Editor) preset above.

This should hide all automation and keep your Folder tracks opened.