Hide all automation Collapses folders

Making all my own keycommands and loving it but is this a bug? Hide all automation, collapses folder tracks too. Which to me would be a macro as it’s doing more than the initial request.

I’d like to hide automation lanes with out the folder tracks being collapsed.

The ability to make show/hide all automation a toggle, like some other features, would save a key for something else. And, be so much better. I’m running out of keys.

Naturally i’m using the A key. A: Show all automation, Shift A: Hide all automation. With a toggle, this could be A: Show/Hide track Automation. Shift A Show/Hide all automation (with no collapse of folders).

Please… Thank you.

I suppose i could make a macro where it expanded folders after collapsing them but…

I posted a solution(workaround) for this exact situation, here:


Hope it helps!

Yes i was thinking i’d need to do something like that. I’m guessing from that thread it’s not intentional and indeed a bug.

Yeah, this is a good workaround. You should be good with this macro at least until they sort the bug out.