Hide All Automation Crash

Having several crashes when using the Hide All Automation command on Cubase 9.0.30 Build 266 operating via OSX 10.9.5.

Hi and welcome,

What kind of track was it? Audio/Instrument/Audio Return of Instrument/MIDI?

Could you send me a link to the crashlog (you cannot attach a crashlog file here, share the link via Dropbox or similar), please?

This has been around for a while. It seemed to have been fixed for me when I updated to 9.0.30 but, I had my first crash about a week ago when using the “Hide all Automation” command. It is definitely a random bug that

Here is the on going thread:


Please join and repost in the above link that way it has a better chance of being spotted by Steinberg.

It’s been spotted by Martin. Can you submit a crash dump from when it happened? (I’m not sure where they can be found on macOS, but it would be a file like Cubase 64bit 2017.10.16 13.00.dmp)

On macOS X you can find all crashlogs in the Console Utility. The extension is not *.dmp, but *.crash.

Here’s the log from the last day. LMK if this works


Thank you so much for the quick response!

That is a .log file, not a .dmp/.crash file…