"Hide All Automation" is closing folders

Using cubase 8.0.5 on Mac 10.8.5. Noticed that the “Hide All Automation” key command or clicking “hide all” from the automation panel closes all folders that contain VST instrument returns. It’s easy to reproduce

  1. new empty project

  2. add a vst instrument

  3. select “Hide All” from the automation panel

It will close the VST instruments folder for some reason. Also if you move the vst tracks into a different folder of your own it will close that as well.

I assume this is a bug because automation lanes are not tracks, they are opened from the drop down arrow on any track, including VST instrument channels. Folders are something complete separate from automation lanes and their are separate functions to close folders.


Same here. This is issue simply makes hide automations unusable since in my projects I use a lot of folders.

Unfortunatelly not fixed in 8.0.10 :unamused:

+1, super annoying with 200+ tracks.

side note: learning to incorporate workspaces is next on my Cubase learning to-do list. I just setup control room the other day and can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long!

The command is closing folders that contain automation, not Folder track folders- so the command is doing what it says, no?

nope it’s closing folder tracks as well. If you move vst channels into a new folder track that you create it then closes this folders. If those folders happen to contain other things then it’s a pain that they get closed. It should only be closing automation “lanes” not folders.

I see what you’re saying. This needs to be modernized. I will move this to the Feature Request forum. I can tell you that the dev team is aware that people want to see this changed.

When is this going to be fixed?
How can I hide all the automations without closing the folders?


Sorry again but if a command affects something it shouldn’t, the command is not working as supposed to hence this should be a bug and not a feature request. Does it make sense?



i’m tired clicking :stuck_out_tongue:

This one bothered me as well. I created a macro that closes automation lanes and re-opens the folders back again.

Here it is (german):
Very simple, just two commands:

  1. Automation - show automations of all tracks
  2. Project logical editor - presets - open folders

The actual wording might differ, it’s just my freestyle translation.

Thanks for the input!! Great idea. the problem is only when you have folders you want to stay closed.

Is this bug been fixed in 8.5? I need yet to update.

Many thanks

Updated to 8.5 and this is hasn’t been fixed.