Hide an empty bar in the middle of a flow


How can make a horisontal space between music in bars, like hiding an empty bar between two bars?

I make a lot of teaching materials in music theory and ear training, and for that it often neccesary to make many small examples. In other programs it is solved by hiding everything in a bar. Can we do that in Dorico?

Regards Peter

You can use Edit > Remove Rests to clear the rests out of a bar, but you may find that you need to then use the Note Spacing (Engrave) submode to shift the barlines back - with nothing in a bar, Dorico can’t automatically space it.

The alternative is to put a note in that fills the bar, then suppress its playback, scale it to 1% and/or colour it white (all from the properties panel).

You could use a Coda to create a gap within a system.

Otherwise, if you’re making a page with little bits of music here and there, you’ll need to create multiple Music Frames on the same page.

Ah, if I misinterpreted the question that Ben’s “coda” answer is by far the quickest one. The coda symbol can be hidden from the properties panel, though there’s no global option to turn it off.

Thank you both for your answers. I have some testing to do.

Pianoleo, your first interpretation is also relevant.