Hide and seek with a new flow

I just added a short new flow to a 33-flow musical theater score, but I cannot get it to show in the full score. I can see it in the percussion parts and piano/vocal score, but not in the Working Score or the Full Score.I have tried choosing Layouts and making sure Flow and Instruments were checked, then choosing the flow and making sure Layouts and Instruments were checked, and choosing the instruments and making sure the layouts and flow were checked–to no avail.

I cannot posting the entire 380-something page score. But I though perhaps exporting the errant flow and then reimporting it would help. It does not. But examining the exported flow showed me something. I can see the conductor’s music in Galley view but not page view.

If anyone has an idea what I need to do to have this show up properly in all modes and appropriate layouts, I would appreciate his or her help.

00_jdsFullScore220521 - -11 Opening of Act Two.dorico (836.2 KB)

The new Flow is not included in the Flows list of the Page Template.

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Many thanks. This is the first score where I had to limit included flows for another page in the full score, and it never occurred to me to look there. Kudos!

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