hide automation = close folder... still


Annoying behavior since… 8 ? when “hide all automation” nuendo also closes all folder that contains tracks with automation.
this is still in 10.
but maybe it’s just me. maybe you guys like it that way ? i don’t get it. i just don’t get why this thing still happen in nuendo 10 and how long will we go before it’s solved… super annoying.

Indeed, very annoying.

I’m hoping that one day somebody at Steinberg stands up and says: “let’s blow some fresh air through this company, forget about marketing-nonsense, let’s make this program (Nuendo) work again!”

There is a long list of tiny omissions which definitely needs some TLC…and this “Hide Automation”-command is one of them.

Niek/ Amsterdam

I could not agree more.

I find Hide all automation also destroying, not only annoying.

It will destroy automation track configuration I have created for each track.

On a single track I may only want to show sends 3 and 4, and on another track sends 5-8 for example.
Every time I use Show/Hide automation for selected tracks, only those automation tracks will show.

As soon as I use Hide all automation, Nuendo does not remember anymore which automation tracks to show.
It defaults to volume automation track, which for me is specially annoying because I never use volume automation on source tracks.

The same happens with other Show commands on the automation panel, so they are all useless and even dangerous to me.

I agree with this also. It’s always a pain in the butt