Hide automation in group tracks?

Is it possible to hide the volume automation lanes in group tracks?

Those lines are always visible by default and it’s very easy to write points accidentally when trying to clik on empty space. Unwanted points can be deleted but the volume won’t return to the previous value.

Close the folder they are in

Thanks, I guess I can do that, but is it the only way? what if the group tracks are spread all over the place and not grouped in the folder?

You can lock the group track.

Yeah, I think that locking is only real option at this point, as necromorbus said.

What you mentioned about the volume not returning to the previous value is an issue that I reported for 8.5, and unfortunately it hasn’t been fixed yet. It’s a significant issue, and it happens with some other types of tracks also if you accidentally change the overall automation value in a track that is not yet automated but is automation-enabled.