Hide Automation lines

Is it possible to hide these automation lines?
I already accidentally drew some points and gave me a 30 mins headache trying figuring out why it was sounding strange and unbalanced. :rofl:
Had to go into the Automation panel - Show used - only to find out I muted one channel for a fraction of a second.


What kind of tracks are these? Are these Group Tracks? If yes, then you cannot hide them, unfortunately. But you can Lock the tracks, or you can Lock Automation or Mute Automation on the tracks.

Indeed Martin they are group tracks and I just tried “Lock” and the line disappears!

Many thanks buddy <3

I’m pretty new to N12 but you know if there’s a way to set this “Lock” on as a default for group tracks so anytime I create one is already locked?


I’m sorry, this is not possible.

no big deal. Thanks Martin!

If you really want to you can hide the track completely and only keep it visible in the mixer.


To do this, you have to un-sync the Project Window and MixConsole visibility.


Or just use a different mixer for a view with Groups.

I have mixer 1 set to follow project window. Mixer 2 is a mixing setup with everything except outputs. Mixer 4 is output-/export-focused, so it has only groups and outputs.

So many options in Nuendo.


I never thought about doing it this way Mattias. Great idea that I’m going to try out.

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