Hide Cautionary Clef Moving to Choral Divisi

I have seen threads on a similar topic, but none that address this. When a choral score includes a reduction with two staves, SA and TB, and then divisi is desired to have separate S, A, T, and B staves, the tenor line appears in bass clef. Of course, this is not standard notation, and the tenors should have the treble clef with the 8 below it. When I add that clef to the Tenor line at the start of the
new system, a cautionary clef appears on the TB line on the previous system. If I attempt to hide that clef, it removes it and the new Tenor line reverts to the bass clef.

This type of divisi is standard practice in choral music, and I’m mystified as to why I can’t seem to do it here. Any tips? Thanks!

The only tip I can offer is that choral condensing is something they intend to refine further. As I mentioned in some of those other threads, I just copy the choir parts on the combined staves as they will be read. It’s not the same function as for example condensing solo woodwind parts, since the singers get the whole vocal score anyway.

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Possibly just as easy: you could use 4 players throughout, and hide the Alto and Tenor at System Breaks, in places where you want a grand staff.

You don’t need Abbreviated names on every system in choral music: it’s fairly obvious what’s going on. You can always show them at a System Break for the 4-stave systems, if you want; or use Text above.

Of course, if you’re not actually going to save (m)any pages, you might as well do the whole thing as 4 staves throughout. If you’re not saving a modulus of 4 pages, then you’re not saving paper.

I think it’s easier to do the layout after entering the notes. You might need to move things around to different voices/staves afterwards, but in Dorico that’s super easy.


Thanks. I would prefer to have the abbreviated names on each staff. Is there a way to have a temporary staff label for when the S and A lines are combined onto one staff? Then, when they are divisi and on their own staves again, I can change that name back to “S…”

You can set a Divisi of only 1, and give it its own Staff label.

Aha! A bit counterintuitive, but it works! Thank you! Helpful to note that one must create a Section Division, then just delete the second part to achieve this (and label the part SA or TB). Then, use the settings in the attached image (and in Layout options, uncheck the “Show divisi change labels above staves”).