HIde channels on DM2000 V2

Hi all!
I have a big problem concerning the DM2000V2

First of all I would like to say “yes, I also have the problem of midi devices, forgetting my DM2000V2”.

But, like we all know, everybody got that problem, so we just have to wait for a bug fix…

My big problem is… how do you hide channels on your DM2000V2?
In Cubase 6.5, when u did “hide”, the channel dissapeared on your DM also…
But now, I can’t find a way to hide them on my DM… They dissapoear in my Cubase mixer, but stay on my DM.

Very confusing to work with all those unneeded faders on the Yamaha.

A solution anyone?

I still didn’t get any solution from Steinberg (after a month)

It’s a bug…

I have exactly the same problem. It’s very annoying on large projects. I didn’t have any problems with this in 6.5 so is it really a Yamaha bug or a Cubase bug?

It’s bad enough having to re-install the DM200 as a device after every shut down, again this wasn’t an issue in 6.5.

Also the channel names disappear in the mixer view in Cubase and can only be rest by enabling ‘pictures’ in the mixer view.

I’m fairly disappointed with 7 to be honest.