Hide chord symbol slashed bass notes for some players?

Can I hide the chord symbol slash-and-bass-notes for some players but not all?

The horn players don’t care what the bass note is. Sometimes I could get their part more comfortably into one page if I could re-capture the vertical space occupied by those slashed bass notes. They do need the chord symbols for their solos, but not the bass notes.

You’d need to use local chord symbols for this, I think, and then adjust the properties accordingly for your local chord symbols.

“The horn players don’t care what the bass note”

I would strongly disagree with that. The root is the most important information in the chord symbol. If you have any different bass note other than the simplest inversions, the “chord” is actually just a shorthand way of indicating the color of the tonality built upon the bass note.
For example, I often write something like Bb/C because it is a clean, concise figure that is easily read. But technically speaking it might be more musicologist-friendly to write it as C9sus(omit 3) or something like that.
I can’t imagine any skilled improviser (horn player or otherwise) not wanting to know the root of the chord.


Thank you. This sounds promising. I looked up “local chord symbols” in the documentation on line. No joy. Any more clues?

See step 3 (and step 6) of the procedure here: Inputting chord symbols