Hide clef after instrument change

How can I get rid of unnecessary cautionary clefs after instrument changes?


I’m not sure that it’s possible but I wouldn’t do it anyway.

Sorry if I have misinterpreted @lim.usic!

I think lim.usic is talking about the redundant clef, which can’t be useful. However, I think this is the same score that is having problems condensing flutes in the other thread. I took a brief look at it and something weird is going on; I don’t know what.

I have not seen this kind of completely unnecessary clef in condensing elsewhere.

After (more or less) completing my score I am still looking for a solution concerning unwanted cautionary clefs. There are plenty of them in the score, especially in the percussion lines.
This is such a basic deficiency that I can’t assume it to be a Dorico-feature. Has anybody an idea how to handle this issue?

Properties panel >Hide clef ?

Does not appear! And all other property options do not work.

Please attach the current version of the project so we can take a look at it.

If you change your Piccolo instrument definition (in Setup) to use a normal treble clef, then I think everything works.

But the problem occurs also in other instruments (percussion!).

May I kindly ask you to review my problems with redundant clefs? I attach the document as you asked me. The following 2 problems are still unsolved:

  • redundant clefs after instrument switches (especially in percussion)
  • why do piccolo and flute “refuse” to merge on the last page?
    Thank you for your help!

Re-Cycle II.dorico (3.8 MB)

Deactivate the option Show extra staves across full system when starting or stopping on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options, as this effectively prevents mid-system instrument changes.

Well, this solves the problem on the last page, but brings about other problems in the percussion staves, e.g. on measure 47-51 of the first piece (and several other pages in the 2nd movement).

There are obviously 3 Layout-options which correspond to and influence each other:

  • Players/Allow instrument changes
  • Staves and Systems/Show extra staves across full system…
  • Players/Instrument transition position: after last note in the old instrument/before first note in the new instrument

In order to merge 2 instruments in one staff the first option must be selected, the second must be deselected.

But then none of the two alternatives in the third option produces the result I need:

  • the disposal of the correct upcoming (percussion-)instrument-labels on the start of a system
  • in conjunction with the representation of a uniform 5-line or 1-line staff on one page (I don’t want a staff to switch within a system from 5-line to 1-line or vice versa ).

At the moment I can only yield this if I select the 2nd option - which Daniel dissuaded, because it then prevents the merging of staves in case of instrument changes (i.e. Flute/Piccolo).

I would appreciate to learn if the problem is caused by a wrong concept of the score (or the percussion part) or if this is a current limitation of the program.

If you want to prevent Dorico from switching between a 1-line and 5-line staff within the same system, try adding a chord symbol region to the staff you want to remain visible on that staff. Dorico will then not consider it empty, and it won’t produce an automatic instrument change in that passage.

Well, unfortunately this is only a partial solution , since it affects the layout of the respective parts too by breaking multimeasure rests there. May we hope that there will be a general solution via the layout options to this in the future?

We would have to introduce new per-player controls for whether to allow instrument changes. At the moment we don’t have any concrete plans for this, but we certainly don’t rule it out.

I hope for the future (and I don’t think my score is too “special” to address this issue…).

In the meantime I solved the problem by splitting the document into one for the score and one for the parts - which is of course not the initial idea of linked parts… ) This reminds me of my former Finale-times :weary: ).

I stumbled across another issue with cautionary clefs at the end of a divisi staff which is followed by a staff filled with rests (and which is therefore hidden - the next entrance is some 10 bars ahead in the new clef).

The cauationary clef here is totally redundant and even misleading. I solved this also by a workaroud (by moving the unis.label to the next bar which forces the empty staves there to be displayed so that I had to hide them manually) - all of which is not satisfactory.

I wonder if a general option to hide cautionary clefs would be the easiest solution.