Hide Controller Lanes - Permamently

For some reason the Controller Lanes in the MIDI editor keeps coming back again and again when I pick different MIDI events.

I keep hiding the Controller Lanes all the time, but on next selection of MIDI event/s it’s back again. Even if each Event has it hidden, when I select more than one event (which all has their lanes hidden) they Controller Lanes are back again.

Q: How can I tell the MIDI editor that I don’t want to show the Controller Lanes at all, ever, until I explicitly tell Cubase I want to see them again?



Confirmed behaviour. PC, Cubase Pro 12.0.60

Hide/show controller lanes is stored to each MIDI part individually.
However, if you select multiple MIDI parts controller lanes are always shown, even if all the selected parts have the lanes hidden.

I think this indeed is a bug.

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