Hide "courtesies" displayed on the previous staff

Good evening everyone.
I couldn’t find the function that eliminates the “courtesies” displayed on the previous staff when changing tempo or key in a piece.
Can any of you give me a hand?

Thanks in advance.

You can’t hide cautionary time signatures and key signatures shown at the end of the previous system when a new one starts at the beginning of the next system. If you want to hide them because the new system is distinct material, e.g. if you’re working on an exercise sheet with multiple separate exercises, consider using separate flows for each distinct “chunk”. Otherwise, some users input a coda at the start of the next system, set the indent for codas to 0 in Engraving Options>Repeat Markers, then hide the coda.

Thanks so much Lillie!
Now I will do so. I also found another way around the problem: I create glyphs, but the process is quite unnatural.
I hope that in the next versions it can be solved in another way.
Thanks again for your kindness!

I’m not sure what you are doing with glyphs, but you can always hide the accidental in Properties. You can also easily create a shortcut to Hide Accidental or Toggle Accidental Visibility.