Hide cross-staff tuplet bracket | reduce angle of slurs

Hi! I have two engraving problems with a piano score I am making. The first one is that I cannot find a way to hide the bracket of cross-staff tuplets. I want neither the bracket nor the number to be visible. The second problem I have is that sometimes slurs are placed on an angle that is not pleasing to the eye. I tried reducing it from engraving options > slurs, but it does nothing…


There’s a bracket property in the bottom panel - set accordingly.
As to the slurs, I have no idea what your Engraving Options are for them (though they look rather odd), but you should be able to just drag the handles in Engrave mode.

The bracket property that you mean works on tuplets that stay on the same staff, but not on cross-staff tuplets.

As for the slurs, I am able to drag the handles, but the result is not homogeneous and it is time-consuming. The slurs might look kind of weird because I am not using the curved variant, but the flat one. Here is a screenshot of the property that I believe is the right one to fix the issue, but like I said changing the values does absolutely nothing.

Here is approximately how I want them to look like (the red one is the way I want them to look)

For the time being I will try to do it with the handles, but if there is an automatic way to do it by changing one of the properties, I would be grateful to know. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unlike curved slurs, flat slurs are not routed around the contour of the notes, but they are treated more like lines. That means, they are always ‘parallel’ with the imaginary line between the start and end notehead. Also, some of the engraving options (like the maximum angle) only applies to curved slurs, which is admittedly not obvious from the dialog, but all settings under ‘Avoiding Collisions’ are such. So unfortunately, at the moment the only way to fix these slurs is by dragging them in engrave mode.

That makes sense, András. I was so frustrated that nothing happened when I changed the values of the angle property. Good to know!

As for the bracket issue, the solution was a combination of properties. I selected NONE for the number property AND HIDDEN for the bracket property and it worked.

So both issues are resolved! Thanks!

One feature I’d really like to see is a setting to allow curved or ‘normal’ slurs for all instances except for very long slurs, which would be flat. As it is now, and as far as I know it’s that way for pretty much all the notation programs available, slurs are calculated to flatten as they get longer, but they never become long slurs with flat middle sections. I know of a few other professional engravers who find this important, as well, but they take the trouble to flatten ultra-long slurs in a graphics program.

Dorico doesn’t automatically switch to flat slurs based on their length or rhythmic duration, but you can of course set any slur to be flat via Properties, and Dorico’s flat slurs do have flat middle sections. So far as I know it’s the only notation software that has support for true flat slurs.