Hide eighth note stem and flag in divided voices SA choral

Hi - in attached snippet, how do I hide the eighth note flag on the upper alto voice in the final bar to show the cutoff on beat one?

There is a hide stem checkbox in the Properties panel, but no “hide flag”…

Or better solution?

There are a few solutions here. One is to make the note itself actually a quarter, then hide the resultant rest.

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When you choose Hide stem in Properties (in Engrave mode), that will hide the flag at the same time. All that will remain is the notehead.

I have just re-read your post and have realised that you want to hide the flag but keep the stem.
As well as @dan_kreider 's suggestion, one other thing to try is to change the voice of the upper alto’s final note so that it is in the same voice as the lower alto. Then the stem should extend all the way down and have only the lower flag.
To tie notes in different voices, you will need to select both notes, then press T.

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Thanks @dan_kreider and @StevenJones01! Both responses are helpful. I used Dan’s approach but had to do a fair amount of fiddling to achieve the desired result.
Way too many years of Finale for me. Dorico gives my brain a workout, that’s for sure!

I wouldn’t hide the flag; I’d change the Voice column index of the lower Alto, moving it to the right, so it doesn’t collide.

Altos need to know how long their note is !

The note is no-length; it’s a release-note.

I don’t see any reason not to share the stem.