Hide empty bars

How does one hide all the empty bars in a particular flow?

I’m sorry to say I find your question a little ambiguous. Do you want to trim empty bars from the end of the flow? If so, use Write > Trim Flow. Do you want to hide empty staves in a large ensemble on systems where some instruments are not playing? If so, use the options for hiding empty staves on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options? Do you want to hide bar rests in bars in which instruments are not playing? If so, use the option at the bottom of the Players page of Layout Options.

If you didn’t mean any of those three things, please provide more information so that we can understand your question.

Sorry Daniel, that’s why I couldn’t find the answer because I was using the wrong term. I should have said “Hide empty staves”. But I knew that . . . silly mistake!

Daniel, I am so impressed with Dorico. I know it’s not perfect but I applaud you and your team. I have not had many of the difficulties others have had. I guess I have a powerful computer. Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to years of updates.

David in Toronto.

In big band charts it’s common practice to leave the right hand empty as long as there isn’t anything written out to play. (i.e. with no bar rests present). Is that possible for now? With the instruction above I can only turn off bar rests globally, not on a single staff.

You can’t remove bar rests for just a passage in one hand of the piano at the moment, I’m afraid, except using the trick of changing their colour such that they are completely translucent.

Well, close enough for now. Thanks Daniel! :slight_smile: