Hide empty staves after first system – not condensing on first


I have enabled Condensing in a ca. twenty stave score, and Hiding empty staves after first system. No custom condensing groups, no groups excluded from condensing.

On the first system, filling the page, the playing instruments are condensed into staves – the two oboes and the two clarinets playing are each condensed in pairs.

All instruments not playing, however, are not condensed. Flutes, cornets, horns etc. are all shown on one stave per player – only on the first system/page.

I want all instruments, the whole ensemble, to be presented on the first page, even the instruments not playing from start. But I also want the appropriate condensing employed. Any way to achieve this? For the rest of the score’s duration everything works well.

There are four pairs of instruments I need to condense. Two each of flutes, clarinets, cornets and horns. They are all silent through the first page, but as mentioned I want the score to present all players on the first page, playing or not. In Layout options > Vertical spacing, I have chosen Hide empty staves after first system (in practice that is after the first page in this case). But on the first page, the silent instruments are not condensed.

What I just tried:

Engrave mode > select the whole bar rest in bar 1 > Engrave > Condensing change.

Select a pair from the list to the left of the panel – say, Flûte 1, Flûte 2. No toggles available. Check the box to the left of the selected instrument pair, toggles available. Toggle Inactive players.

Inactive players is by default set to Pair with active player. I change to Include in staff label.

Result: It works!

But alas: After the same procedure with the pair of clarinets, the two flutes are back on one stave each.

Checking all the boxes to the left of each instrument pair and performing the same maneuver still only changes the selected pair. I can check all boxes I want, but I can only select one pair. That pair is changed to my desire, the others are not.

Am I on the track of something?
2020-03-12 09-50-38_Lakmé.dorico.zip (961 KB)

Hallo Runter von Sofa,

In Notation options / Condensing / Condensing for players inactive for the whole system, select “Include in staff label”


Perfect! It worked instantly. Thanks a lot, Rafael!