Hide empty staves, but let chords appear over stave(s) with music in them

I have a four instrument/player/stave score (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

But I am also putting chord symbols over the soprano part as an assistance to the accompanist.

I also want to use Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Staff Visibility > Hide Empty Staves: After first system.

So now I have the problem that, when the basses have a long extended solo passage, Dorico hides the alto and tenor staves, but it keeps showing the soprano stave, even though it’s empty, because the chord symbols are tied to them. This just looks confusing; it’s a reduced score, yet not all empty staves are being reduced.

Is there a way in this situation to get the soprano stave to hide, and have the chord symbols appear above the bass stave, for the duration of the bass solo?

Have you tried layout options>chords…>show chords above top staff of system rather than above specific instruments?

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Thanks Janus!