Hide empty staves is not hiding empty staves

New to Dorico here. I’ve got a musical theatre rehearsal score layout in which I’m trying to hide staves of singers who are not performing in any given system. For this layout, in setup I choose “Hide Empty Staves - All Systems” and I’ve checked the box, hide unused staves of grand staff instruments.

As a result, most of the unused staves are hidden (perhaps 80%), but a few are not. For example I have a “chorus” grand staff in my layout with nothing currently in the bass clef, yet whenever music is present in the treble clef, the bass clef is also present. At least 5 other systems in this layout have completely empty vocal staves present. These bars are completely empty. No hidden items. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I had a similar situation and I learned, that it’s not possible to hide one stave if the chorus is an “ensemble player”. If you setup the chorus as a single player is should work.

Is this imported musicXML, perchance?

Thanks I’ll try that.

The music was eventually brought into Dorico via SMF, cleaned up in a separate Dorico project, then imported into this Project with the “IMPORT FLOW” feature.

Try selecting and deleting the initial clefs at the start of bar 1 (of each flow). If you can select them, they’re explicit clefs that prevent Dorico from hiding staves. If you can’t select them, the problem is something different.


This worked. Thank you!

Thanks. I couldn’t select the clef… but I WAS ABLE TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE by selecting the whole rests in these sections and pressing delete! I have no idea how these whole rests got ‘written into’ the part, but apparently Dorico saw them as ‘filled’ with user entered data.