Hide empty staves unexpected behavior

My intent is for the piano part to show only one staff when the notation consists of comping patterns - slashes and chord symbols, and display both staves for through composed sections. I’ve attached the pdf. It is not clear to me why the first system of B, C and D have not been reduced to a single staff.
Piano - Everybody Wants To Rule The World - 2022-08-15.pdf (146.1 KB)

Unfortunately these sorts of things can’t be diagnosed from a PDF and an unrelated screenshot (particularly unrelated in that you’ve shown some Layout Options for the Full score rather than those for the Piano layout.)

The chances are we’ll need to see the Dorico project itself, though you could cut that down to just the first 8 bars and delete everything apart from the piano material.

My problem was that I had some clef changes in the problematic bar range.