Hide Empty Staves vs Cue Notes

If you have cue notes on a stave, if there are clef changes or octava (8va) lines present in the cue, they will appear and the stave will not be hidden. Even if show cues is unchecked (for a full score).

The strange thing is, the 8va lines will be visible, and the clefs - but nothing else. The trouble is that the hide empty staves algorithm will not hide those staves - even though they technically are empty - because of the items still showing.

My apologies if this has already been reported. I do not remember this in 3.0.1.

WIndows 10 Ultimate
32 GB Ram
Dorico 3.5
Note Performer

I can’t quite make sense of your report here, I’m afraid, Brian. Could you please prepare a minimal example that shows the problem in action? Thanks!

Probably because the problem appears to have vanished (and perhaps I was in the wrong mode - although I thought I wasn’t). If it happens again I’ll let you know.


Oops - it looks like the problem is present still. I could send a screenshot - but I’m trying to figure out to export only 2 pages from a multipage score. I’m getting there so once I do it will be here.


mm 359-361
Alto Flute
English Horn

On page 5 of the score - ENGRAVE MODE - has been set to hide cues. The cues are hidden - but the 8va lines (which are part of the cue) are still visible.

The score is also set to HIDE EMPTY STAVES ALL MEASURES

The Alto Flute and English Horn staves should NOT be visible on this page (5) - but they are because for some reason the 8va lines are not being hidden with the cue notes.

200529b.zip.zip (1.3 MB)

That’s because the 8va lines have been added to the Alto Flute, English Horn, and Clarinet in A staves (directly, as if they were notes or text items).

If you delete the 8va lines, you can select the cues, activate the Properties Panel, enable the “Octave shift” property and set it to –1, then you will (largely) have what you need.

That’s odd - I thought I had chosen the 8va option for the cues in Setup. But I’ll give it a try. Thank you!


Spot on! It worked. Thank you again!