Hide Empty Tablature On Multi-instrument Player

Use case: Lead sheet with one player playing a fretted instrument and voice.

Input instrument single-note parts on fretted instrument and vocal melody in Galley View. They do not overlap, and show on one staff with instrument changes in PageView.

Include tablature for fretted instruments, and hidden empty staves in Layout options.

All looks good: Tablature shows under the instrument parts, and disappears for vocal melody parts.

… chord symbols are included. These apply to the fretted instrument, which causes tablature to appear, even when there are no single-note parts.

I’m sorry if I’m missing the instructions, but can I have chord symbols appear above lyrics and still have tablature appear for single-note parts and disappear for vocal parts?
That’ll Be The Day.dorico (1.4 MB)

Also: for instrument break sections, is there a way to have chord symbols apply to a slash region of the vocal part so that chord symbols show without tablature?

I suspect what you actually want is to turn on this Layout Option:


Then the chord symbols will always show on the top staff, whichever that is.

I figured there was a way to do it. Thank you @Richard_Lanyon ! This works, I just need to make sure that the Voice staff is placed above the Instrument staff.

Thank you!