Hide empty unused mixer tracks ?

Suggestion : a button on the menu to hide all the empty unused VI channels/tracks please !


This is planned for the future.

Good !

The sooner the better !

Has this been implemented yet?

Not that I know of

You can limit the number of plugin outputs to show in the mixer by pressing the cog button in the VST instrument panel (which opens the endpoint setup dialog).

The request was for a button on the menu to hide all the empty unused VI channels/tracks - not limit the number of plugin outputs, whatever that is ?

As Paul said…

It is not any clearer. If the number of audio outputs is synonymous is the same as ‘channels in use’, then why not say so ?

The request was for a button on the menu to hide all the empty unused VI channels/tracks - not set the number of audio outputs ? And what is the relationship of these outputs to VI channels ?

For what it’s worth, I’m using mostly Note Performer but afterwords inserted four instances of Kontakt and set the number of channels for each to just one using the Dorico cog in Play Mode and noticed a few problems with this:

  • Doing so to the first instance did not undo the large number of channels originally displayed in the mixer when I first inserted the first Kontakt instance. To achieve this, I needed to duplicate the first instance, and the second instance’s number of channels was then accurately reflected in the mixer. I then deleted the first instance and the extra number of channels went away.
  • however, when I saved Dorico and reopened what I had done (4 duplicate instances each with only one channel output), the mixer defaulted to having a huge number of unneeded channels once more. Is this presumably a bug?
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In the general case, Dorico has no knowledge of the relationship between input midi channels and output audio channels. It is entirely up to the plugin, and in many cases you can change the relationship inside the plugin. So there’s no way for it to know which channels are unused. Currently there is a tacet assumption that midi channel 1 is output on audio channel 1,but this does not always apply, especially if you’ve switched from HSSE to another plugin.

We hope to add a method to define this relationship in a future version which may make a feature like this possible.

I’m presuming that what happened in my case isn’t normal behavior, though?
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I think your case was that you ran into a bug that I only discovered myself this week - duplicating plugins doesn’t create the mixer tracks correctly. We hope to fix this in a future version.

Excellent - thanks.

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