Hide expired Dorico Trial in Activation Manager?

Perhaps I’m missing something, but my Dorico Pro trial shows up in the All Products tab of Steinberg Activation Manager. The trial has expired and I no longer wish to see it alongside products that I have purchased.

In iLok License Manager, you have the option to hide licenses for example.

Over time, I can see this getting very messy as more trials are used and more products are added. I only am interested in seeing products I actually own or trials which have not yet expired.

Any help is appreciated

At the present time, there’s no way to hide expired licenses in Steinberg Activation Manager. This is something we anticipate adding in a future version of SAM.

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Thanks so much for the reply Daniel :blush:

I have the same problem; I’ve purchased Dorico Pro after my trial expired. Now both licenses show up. However, Dorico won’t start because the trial has expired, even though I own a Pro license! What gives!??

If you haven’t already, I would suggest you update SAM to v1.2.10 - this release of SAM fixes a number of issues that can occur when you have multiple licences for the same product. You can update SAM either by running SDA (which will automatically update SAM, SLE and eLC) or by installing it directly from Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg