Hide Faders in MixConsole

This has been requested multiple times for nearly 10 years now. There is a feature request for Nuendo, but not a recent one for Cubase, so I made one.

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This really needs doing.

I have six monitors, and it is ridiculous and inefficient to have to take up screen real estate on every screen with faders and meters.

I want some screens to have more space for inserts/sends/routing etc without wasting space on every screen with faders or meters.

I only need faders on some of my screens for mixing. NOT ON ALL OF THEM!

Surely this can’t even be that hard to do for Steinberg???

Why can we hide everything else, but not meter bridges and faders???

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Most probably, because they are convinced it needs to be like this. Would not be the first time.
There’s no way they forgot to add the faders to the checkboxes in the mixconsole.

I don’t really get this modular GUI approach, if it is only half modular.


The faders are no rack. It’s that simple.

Yeah, they obviously aren’t, cause otherwise they would be in that list I guess. Thanks captain obvious.

I believe this is caused by an UI limitation. Most Cubase windows allow you to hide everything but one “central” element. For the mixer, that’s the faders.

But the feature request makes sense. Maybe someday…