Hide fermata

Is there a good way to hide a fermata? Not all at the same position, just one.

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The quick and dirty way is to grab it in Engrave mode and move it off the edge of the page.

Thanks Leo. That is my current method, but I’m always worried that they turn up somewhere odd after an edit.

Has there been any fix for this yet? Seems like a pretty amateur way for us to fix the problem. Dorico team?

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Just to be sure, that the hiding of Fermatas isn’t simply a wish from users, who don’t understand the idea behind Doricos way of handling Fermatas and Holds. If I have in one staff a repeat bar section, then I really don’t want any weird Fermatas showing up (see picture).
I managed this case with a smufl fermata as Text, but this is a lot of fumbling. So I truely hope there will be a possibility to hide unwanted Fermatas.
A good solution also for notating rounds and catches (canon) would be to have Fermatas as signs without any musical effect, that can be placed simply in one stave.

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Jürg, create a playing technique that looks like a fermata. That’s much easier than text and SMuFL. You can save this playing technique to be visible in all projects by clicking “Save as Default.”

That’s not to disagree with your request, but it is an easy solution.

Hello Dan, thanks for this superb advice. I will go for this for sure.
By the way do you – as a pro – know, if it’s possible to center normal Fermatas not on the note but on the stem. I couldn’t find a choice for this.


I don’t believe so, not without manual adjustment. Not playing techniques either.

Oh, pity that was the answer i was afraid of …
But thank you anyhow, so I know that I don’t have to search any longer.