Hide flow heading for all layouts at once?

I never want flow headings in parts. Can I make it so none of my layouts show them without having to go in to each individual part and turn it off? Thanks!

You can certainly select all the layouts in the list view on the right-hand side of the Layout Options dialog and apply your changes to all layouts at once.

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Nice! I didn’t know that. One other quick question-can I add text that will be at the top of every part. I don’t need to do a whole text frame, but just a couple words. Right now I have it as text within the tempo marking, but that’s not ideal because it pushes over the tempo marking itself.

If you have Dorico Pro, you can do this by editing the page template for your part layouts.

Thank you. I’m using a compound time signature and just needing to put the note “(written as 7/8+7/8 for rest of piece)”. by the top. Would editing a page template be the best solution for something like that?

No, I’d probably use a separate system-attached text item. System-attached text is created using Shift+Alt+X.


Perfect! That’s exactly what I’m looking for.