Hide flow title for every "first" page

I would like to ask for another layout option for flow title:
So far one can hide the flow heading for all flows or for the first flow only.
I would like to see another option to hide the flow heading on every page, that uses the “first” page template.

(I know, that I can hide the flow titles manually with flow heading changes, but I often create projects with lots of flows and this would make my life easier.)

I’m a little confused about why you wouldn’t want a Flow Heading (I’m assuming you meant “Heading”) on a First page, at the start of a Flow?

Or perhaps a better way to put it is why would you want one on a Default page template?

Maybe some screenshots of your desired result could help too?

Why not create a new page template without flow heading and then use that page template for all new flows (or hide flow headings in all flows and create a new template for that single page where you want a flow heading)?

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You are right. I have edited my post. I always have to translate, because I use Dorico in German.
In the collections I prepare, there is often more than one piece on a page. In these cases I fake the flow heading to look like the title of the first page. So far I use these flow headings on a standard page, but than I have to prepare another copy of the standard page to show the copyright …
The option, I ask for, would give me more flexibility.

I’m wondering… Are you really talking about flow headings here, or headers? I’ve had to re-read the whole thread to try and get the idea of the OP, and it’s your answer that was messing it up for me :wink:
You can’t change the behavior of flow headings in a Page Template (there are flow headings templates specifically for them), but you can choose to get rid of headers, which is not what the OP is aiming for.

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I wondered that too.

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Please excuse my mediocre English. I try hard, but sometimes I have difficulities explaining what I want.

This is a page from a recent publication with 160 pages and 106 flows.

The pieces in this collection are quite different: Some short pieces, which last only half a page, some longer pieces and some pieces with 3 or more movements. I had to use a lot of page template and flow heading changes.

I would like to use the option “Use “First” page template” on “any flow starting at the top page”. This would have reduced the number of changes I had to use, when there would be an option to “show flow headings” on every page using the “First” page template.

Does this make more sense to you?

Kind of…

If you want all the flows to look like your screenshot, do you need to use the First page template at all? i.e. you could just make it identical to the Default page template.

As long as each page has the same template (with just a music frame), you can just let the Flow Headings do the job everywhere? You can customise them to look however you like, even like the top of a First page template. And if you find a flow that starts on the bottom of a page which you would prefer to begin on the next page, you can just put a Frame Break in.

Perhaps you can post some photos of more pages, ones that have different overrides to show what you’re after e.g. pages 34-41?

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I’m not in front of my computer at the moment. The difference is, that first pages have a token for the copyright at the bottom and standard pages don’t. Therefore there need to be changes in the page templates.
Most helpful would be, if flow headers (and flow footers) and flow heading changes would be attached to the flow and not to the page. I have requested this a long time ago. Than you could have different flow headers on the same page and moving flows around would be much easier. But that would mean quite a big change in Dorico. Therefore I try to make my life easier with this request until perhaps the whole concept of flow headers get’s an update.

Here it is:

I think I know what you mean now.