Hide flows

Is there a way to hide flows?

This would be a great versioning feature, allowing multiple versions/sketches of the same section without showing them all in the piece. (Without a “hide” option, it’s very easy to get your versions mixed up, especially in galley view where they aren’t labelled.)

If there isn’t a way to do this, I’d make this a feature request.

Dear pshpshpsh,
You can choose in your Layouts whether you want a flow to appear or not. Would not that be a kind of Show/Hide feature ? Just create as many full scores or custom scores you need, label them accordingly and once selected in Setup mode, tick/untick the flows you want to show it the selected Layout.
Hope it helps !

I think she/he is asking for the ability to hide flows in the flows setup panel. Alternate flows (perhaps as a dropdown menu under the flow title) would certainly be useful.

Yes – that’s what I mean – I’m thinking of it in the sketching phase, rather than in the editing phase.

You may not be able to hide flows as such, but you can move them to the end of the queue so they are out of the way but still available.

That’s my method at the moment Derrek. Flows are the best thing about Dorico! Like DP’s chunks but cooler.

I would find Flow Folders very useful.


I would also appreciate to be able to hide flows in a simple way. Maybe a button wich untags / tags all all layouts at once