Hide folders


For the love of any god please add the option to be able to not display folders tracks.
when you have all your tracks organised in folders and subfolders ( I have up to 5 levels of folders in myt template of doom for soundtrack music) it takes a lot of space !
An option that only hides the folder track but not the tracks it contains !

You could have the tracks beeing displayed with a margin offset based on wich folder they are in (like it is today) with a vertical label on the side but remove the folder horizontal track so you spare that space for other track types :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t upgrade to nuendo 13 as I think this update is not interesting at all. This is an exact exemple of basic stuff that needs to be implementend before what ever atmos woowoo.

This is my session I’m working on now. folders take half of the space for nothing !

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With all due respect, I am very grateful that this “Atmos woowoo” exists in Nuendo. :wink:
Now that Atmos is already implemented in Nuendo, there’s no reason why Steinberg shouldn’t fulfil your wish. Especially since Atmos mixes can be very large. So users of object-based audio would also benefit from better ‘folder management’.

Hi @sgodzillat and thanks for your input

So basically what you’re asking for is a way to easily switch to a flattened view of the track list hierarchy, correct?