hide gradual dynamics

In the attached project, I have a repetitive section with specific dynamics in the marimba. I’ve added “sim” in the 5th bar to show that the dynamics repeat. I don’t want to show the dynamics after this point, but I would still like to get the same playback. I’ve hidden the mezzo-fortes, but cannot figure out how to hide the decrescendos to niente. I would also like to hide the accents.

I was surprised that I couldn’t find a thread about this, so sorry if I just missed it. How do people deal with these situations? I need the playback to sound reasonable because I have to send it to an actor to practice a narration along to. Should I have separate files, one for the actor’s playback and another for the musicians? I was hoping to avoid that.

Just switched to Dorico from Sibelius, and my blood pressure has already greatly improved! Dorico is superior in so many ways, however the thing I miss the most about Sibelius is that you can show/hide literally anything, all with the exact same method and shortcut.

hide gradual dynamics.zip (457 KB)

Off the top of my head I can’t think of a way to hide a gradual dynamic completely. In general, as you’ve noticed, this is not the kind of thing we encourage when using Dorico. In the longer term the way to add a dynamic that shouldn’t appear in Write mode will be to add it using the (planned but not yet implemented) dedicated lane for dynamics in Play mode. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to make some progress on this in time for our next major version, but I can’t provide a cast-iron guarantee that this will be possible.