Hide Header Flows

How can I hide the flows in Dorico Elements?
I tried to select the option “hide” but was unsuccessful.

Welcome to the forum, wmsenna. Could you zip up and attach your project so I can take a look and see what’s up?

Hello, Daniel.
My question is quite simple, I created a project at that moment with only one instrument. I want to hide the name of the flow and hide the name of the instrument "sax ". I would very much like the design to be simple, just like that photo I put in the annex. I’m using Dorico Elements 2.

A Glória da Tua Presença.zip (373 KB)

I’m not quite sure how, but you’ve got an override on that first page (you’ve manually changed the title from “Projeto sem titulo 1”, which is what Project Info shows the projectTitle as, to “A Gloria da Tua Presenca”), which means that retrospectively changing those Layout Options won’t do anything.
You need to reset that first page so it’s not overridden, change the title via Project Info (the proper way), then change the Layout Options accordingly.

(Apologies for the lack of accents and diacritics - I’m on Windows today and am unfamiliar with the appropriate character codes!)

As Leo rightly says, in the process of trying to update the title, you’ve created an override to the layout that means future changes you make in the Layout Options dialog then can’t take effect. Instead of editing the text in the frames directly, use the File > Project Info dialog. Then you’ll find that the changes you make on the Page Setup page of Layout Options take effect as expected. Take a look at the attached project.
A Gloria da Tua Presenta.dorico.zip (212 KB)