"Hide Info" on right click + Fullscreen Mixer


Love the new update, so awesome with so many requested features finally here!! VCA’s, Render in Place etc

When right clicking in the project window “Hide Info” is the first option which makes it so that when right clicking fast to toggle to the pointer, the info line gets hidden instead of toggling to the pointer. In the same menu “Hide info” is also the last option (which makes me think that this might be a bug)

Also, would love to get the fullscreen mode back for the mixer!


I Also love the new update, and I do agree with you about the “SHOW/HIDE INFO”. This has been bugging me so much since the update, pointer tool is probably the most important so i’m surprised its place has been replaced in the menu with show/hide info (i always have info line visible). Slows me down a bit, old habits die hard, i’ve been buying Steinberg products since 1998. Be great to see it at the bottom of the list or elsewhere.

I’ve also really wanted (and requested in the past) for the Object Selection Tool (the main pointer) to be lockable so it does not change to ‘Sizing Moves Content’ and Sizing applies time-stretch as i never use these modes with the pointer.

Ok, back to some VCA grouping, its very cool. The whole update feels very solid and seems faster and snappier than 7.5.

Finally another person who have discovered this thing… i think it’s a bug since it’s featured twice in the same menu.

I like your idea of being able to lock the point tool, would definitely be a workflow improvement for me too since i always end up having to toggle around and do extra clicks etc while editing.

Would be nice it see someone from Steingberg addressing these issues (especially the first one we mention)

I use keys to select the different tools, and the reason I mention this here is because using a macro you can ‘lock’ the pointer tool as you suggest. So, to select the pointer tool I have a macro that first selects the scissors then selects the pointer tool, in that way it doesn’t cause it to cycle through the pointer options, it always stays on the same type of pointer whichever you were using last time. Same type of macros for the Play and Time-Warp tools. I have also changed the default keys so that I can use my left hand to select my most frequently used tools which really speeds up the workflow, but that’s a matter of personal requirements…