"Hide Info" on right click in project window

When right clicking in the project window “Hide Info” is the first option which makes it so that when right clicking fast to toggle to the pointer, the info line gets hidden instead of toggling to the pointer. In the same menu “Hide info” is also the last option (which makes me think that this might be a bug)


Hi Vanrivers,
I’m having the same problem and it’s very annoying as I keep selecting ‘show info’ instead of the pointer. I’ve tried both Cubase 8 and 8.05 and the problem persists in both versions…it’s really cramping work-flow. Come on Steinberg…expect better for a paid update. Recording in rewire mode with Asio Guard activated sucks as well…

Thanks for addressing this Steinberg!!

Aloha v,

Nice catch. And I thought it was only me.

Good Luck!