Hide instrument change question/suggestion

Is there a way to hide “change instruments notifications” automatically?
The only way I can do it is to use 0% scale on each instance.
I think an option for “hidden” (under Layout options) would be a usefull addition.
Typical case: leadsheet for 2 guitarists.(I use 2 gtrs for a single instrumentist)
chords and basic rythm for 16 bars. Divergent (2 staffs) lines for 8 bars then back to single staff.
Or perhaps the upcoming “ossia” will solve this?

In the properties panel in Engrave mode, there’s a “Custom text” property. A blank space will hide the text completely.

Btw, I find this function to work better with cues, where you just need to flip the switch to hide the text. The signpost that appears also makes it easier to edit the text later on.