Hide Instrument track ports

Anyone know a way to permanently fold up (remove from view) the additional ports on an instrument track.
Every time I set my track heights using automation the ports open up.


Could you be more specific, please?

I get a similar case when I use a shortcut to “hide all automation” it reveals the various Output channels for my Virus TI and Kontakt, (Which I don’t need to see as I have the Audio Channel showing on the respective Midi tracks inspector).

The Shortcut for “Show all used automation” then “closes” those outputs again so they are not visible. Strange one although I haven’t looked into the cause too much.


Yes, the Audio Return channels of the Instrument Track are the Automation tracks. So if you use “Show all used automation”, these tracks would be shown.

Yes that wasn’t too clear. I am using “hide all automation”. This does indeed hide automation for all other tracks but opens (previously closed) audio return channels. This seems odd behaviour and requires that every time I have actioned “hide all automation” I must scroll to the instrument track and hide all the now open audio return channels. Actioning “hide all automation” a second time does not close these return channels.

I think you are missing Zaorsha’s point. He is saying as I am “Hide all automation” not “Show all automation” reveals the output channels.

Yeap, mine show up when I “Hide All Automation”, and disappear on “Show All Automation”

I have further discovered that “Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks)” does not show the audio return channels of Superior Drummer instrument, however if the return channels are showing it does the opposite and in fact closes them.

What if you manually hide the returns? Do they get in sync then when using the command?

No they don’t sync up, closing them manually and then pressing “Show all Automation” does nothing. However they then open again on “Hide All Automation”.

It’s not really an issue for me, doesn’t bother me really I’m just backing up connymcc’s claim that it happens me also.

No as Zaorsha says they do not sync.

I see… Sorry guys, apart from filtering them out (or switching them) using the “other tracks”, or dedicated “Return channels” I don’t have other ideas. (Return Channels is in mixconsole, and by using sync project and mixconsole you can force the project to obey)

These channels are set to no visibility in the mix console. Sync project is set to sync. In the main project visibility inspector these return channels do not show, however if I look under Zones they are there. I am fairly sure this is not the intended behaviour.