Hide lanes beneath when track is closed

Is there a way that allows to hide all unused lanes when a track is not showing its subtracks?
In a given track, everytime I edit parts, move them or cut pieces off, the lanes from other takes beneath are showing.
So I have to mute them or move/cut them all as well, to keep them from playing.
Time consuming.

What I expect to happen is:

Track is “open”, now it shows all lanes from all takes for comping.
Track is “closed”, only the selected (comped) parts are visible, all gaps in between parts are clean and stay empty.

The manual is kinda mute about that.

Thanks all for your Inputs!

Really? Nobody?

All the alternate takes stay visible at all times in a track that “hides” it’s sub-lanes and pop up between
the comped parts I want to hear?
Why would I need to see (or have access to) outtakes, when I’m editing my comped parts?

There must be an option to make them invisible, while my track is hiding sub-lanes.

Still not sure, If I’m making myself understood here. :open_mouth: