Hide Lyrics

I’ve read the previous thread…
Please can I request a way to turn off lyrics for a player in a particular layout?

I have an exploded S A T B score, which I also want to produce as an SA TB two-stave score.
The first requires lyrics below every stave. The second only needs the soprano’s lyrics in between the two staves.

The best way at the moment seems to duplicate flow, then delete.

I would suggest you simply delete the lyrics from the ATB parts in your other layout, since you have to manually perform the reduction anyway.

That’s what I’ve done, for now. Will lyrics be part of the eventual solution for divisi and reductions?

Not for divisi, but hopefully we will be able to take lyrics into account when producing a condensed staff from individual players.

Great! Cues and pedalling have set the bar high…!

which bar number ?
just joking :upside_down_face:
pardon me for correcting you Steve : the goal is not a high level, it is just to be perfect