Hide measures

The current functionality to hide staves seems to only provide the option of hiding a stave which contains empty measures for the full width of the page. Is it possible to hide single empty measures within a stave which have measures with content directly before and after them?
So basically, I would end up with a score with contains white patches where full measure rests are as well as whole sections where empty staves are hidden.
I can provide an example if this is unclear.

Cut away Scores are not currently nativly supported, but as far as I know planned for the future, whenever that may be.

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You can use ossias or additional staff for solo players though, if the hidden measures are part of an existing player.

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So, something like this is not currently possible?

Dorico does still not natively support cutaway scores, but the Development Team is aware that there is user interest in providing that capability.

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You can sometimes fake it with a switch to a custom 0-line staff, and an independent open meter. As each player will be “holding” a 0-line instrument, then Condensing won’t work either. Lots of other caveats too, but it is possible to do something like this anyway.

Obviously you can export a PDF and add opaque rectangles in Illustrator or something too to hide the music.

Interesting! I hope it’s something that can be accomplished natively in future updates, but it won’t bother me for the time being! Thank you!