Hide Midi Lines / Wave Form in Automation track


I’ve recently upgraded Cubase Element to Artist during previous sale.
And I found that event data ( midi lines, waveform ) are shown in automation lanes.

I’ve used Cubase Element 12 ( EDU ) and Cubase Pro 12 ( trial ), and event data are not shown in the automation lane. But with Artist edition, I can’t find a way to hide this.

I really want to hide this because I found that a bit annoying. For example, see the screenshot. It’s very hard to see my automation curve. I know Cubase Pro has “Automation Panel” where you can hide that. But Cubase Artist does not have that option.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can do this settings in the Automation Panel as you mentioned. But Cubase Artist doesn’t have one.

I’m just wondering, my expectation is, this is hidden by default and you can show it in the Automation Panel in Cubase Pro. As you were using Cubase Pro, which shares the preferences with Cubase Artist, the only way I could imagine is, you enabled this option in Cubase Pro and your Cubase Artist inherits it.

Therefore I would try to start Cubase in the Safe Start Mode and Disable Preferences. If it helps, I would delete the preferences too get the factory settings.

I already tried it.

  1. I activated Cubase Pro trial,
  2. Hide the event data in automation panel
  3. Quit cubase and activate Artist
  4. Event data are shown again.

But I wonder why Cubase Element does not show Event Data but I can’t tried it because I upgrade Element to Artist and license is gone. I love Cubase because automation lane is very clean … but now :frowning:


With Cubase Artist license you can start Cubase Elements. But these two have two different preferences folders, they don’t share it. And Cubase Elements doesn’t have this feature at all (Cubase Artist has it - in the Pro edition - but hidden for the user).

At the other hand if you changed the settings in Pro, I would expect the same result in Artist (with the same preferences).

At the other hand if you changed the settings in Pro, I would expect the same result in Artist (with the same preferences).

I’ve tried this but not working. That setting is reset to default after deactivating Pro trial and activate Artist.

Can we have that feature in Artist ( I mean just a simple checkbox to hide / show event data )? With current setting, automation lane is very hard to see unless I change color setting.


Have you tried to get the factory settings thru the Safe Start Mode?

Yes, I tried.