hide/omit bar rests in drum set

I am not able to hide the bar rests in a drum set.
I already set up the “OMIT RESTS” options shown here https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v2/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_rests_implicit_multiple_voice_contexts_c.html
but it does not affect it.
Also REMOVE RESTS does not work in my case

I am also not able to custom scale the rests to a minimum so they might disappear

You can’t hide rests in a percussion kit. This one comes up quite often. If you search the forum for “hide rests percussion,” you’ll find a good deal of discussion about it!

Do you only care about the visual representation on that staff, not playback? If so, just enter them as notes and then you can scale them down. Alternatively, I’ve created a custom Notehead Set where all glyphs are blank, so I can turn stems off and then just apply my “Nothing” notehead set to make the notes all go away.

… and of course if you do care about playback, you can always create 2 “Hitpoints” staves, one for playback that isn’t included in the score, and one visually correct for the score that doesn’t play back.

thanks Fred, good idea.