Hide outputs in project window but not Lower Zone Console?

trying to figure out a way to have only midi tracks in my project window and just the outputs in the lower zone console.
I get how to hide the midi tracks in the Lower zone (just uncheck midi tracks the filter ) but in the project window there’s no ‘prompt’ to hide/show outputs .
You can choose ‘Other channels’ but then it will hide marker tracks , tempo tracks etc. so that’s a no go.
And if I hide them in the visibility panel it hides them in the lower zone as well.
Is there any way to do this ? Or do I just have to put all the outputs in a folder track or something as a ‘workaround’
Thanks in advance

You can turn off the visibility synchronisation of the project window and the lower zone via the menu in the top right of the left zone.

Thanks , i tried that , unless i’m missing something , it gives you the promt to link or unlink visibility between the project window and the mix console but Not between the project window and the lower zone mixer .

There are three options to synchronise the project to mix consoles 1-3 and an additional option to synchronise the filter for tracks and channels.
If I turn off this last option I can hide MIDI channels in the lower zone without hiding the corresponding track in the project window.