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I have a feeling I’ve seen an answer to this somewhere, but I simply can’t find it …

I have a piece for trumpet in C and organ. We want to publish it with parts for C trumpet and also Bb trumpet. Is there an elegant way to create the second (Bb) trumpet part but for it not to appear in the score? Ideally, so that any changes to the full score trumpet part are reflected in the alternative transposition. I could just do a quick transposition before creating the part, but that feels clumsy.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Create an additional layout for the Trumpet and change its transposition settings.

For more info, see here:

You might also benefit from using the “duplicate layout” option, e.g. if your Trumpet in C part is already nicely cast off and formatted.

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Thank you, Lille, I was clearly looking in the wrong place. Much appreciated.

I assume it’s not yet possible to have a part mirror another in order to automatically update ie changing a note in the full score C part would automatically update the Bb part?

Your assumption is incorrect.

If it’s the same player appearing in multiple layouts, all layouts will update when you change the pitches of notes. Similar to how Dorico’s native condensing feature allows you to show the same music condensed in the score but in separate parts, with any changes to players’ notes getting updated everywhere.

The only things that won’t are things that are truly local – local properties and system/frame breaks, for example. Note spellings (D# vs Eb for example) can be local or global.

Thank you …

Duplicate a part layout, then in the right panel of Setup mode right-click and go into Clef and Transposition overrides and set what you need. Then double click the part name (same place) and type the transposition manually.

(Apologies to Lillie, given she’s already basically said this.)

Thank you, Lillie – quite frequently in software, the action of duplication doesn’t involve mirroring. I’m delighted to hear this and will check it all out a little later.
Many thanks, again. R

Thanks, Leo.

True. But with a layout what you’re duplicating is not the content but merely the presentation.

Thank you, Mark. I’d not picked up on that from what I read (no doubt my error) – I just wanted to be sure before making any big decision.
The only issue I see is that the instrument change text from trumpet to flugel and back will remain the same in both layouts. I think these will need to be entered individually, by layout.
Thanks, all.